Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My preparation for The Arnold Classic!

7 Weeks from tomorrow I will be standing on stage in Columbus, Ohio as an Amateur in the Arnold Classic!  My good friend Kristy Thompson went last March so I've heard about it from her & it sounds so exciting, I'm sure it will be one of the best experiences I'll ever have.  Obviously competiting itself is exciting, but I also can't wait to see other athletes & attend the expos & of course enjoy an awesome meal the next day!

I have been training really hard & stepped it up with weights in the last few weeks.  I have a great training partner at the moment, Lance Preddy, who has a powerlifting background - I've been choosing what to do for our leg workouts & he's choosing the exercises for upper body days.  Chest/tricep & back/biceps last week I found intense, trained them on Thursday & Friday & today (Wednesday) the soreness has gone - just in time for another upper body thrashing of some kind today!

Have got a 12 Week Challenge starting for about 15 clients on the 24th of Jan, am going to be running 5 or 6 group training sessions from then (had been running 3) & am training at 3 or 4 girls for their first show in Christchurch on April 30th - the Nabba/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix. 

Writting for the Gofigure website is also keeping me busy & have started doing a bit more online training for people around New Zealand. So all in all - everything is going really well & I'd say it's going to be a jammed packed few months ahead - bring it on!

You can check out my latest aritcle on gofigure here: http://www.gofigure.co.nz/doc/content/blogcategory/31/34/

There are people in life who are incredibly supportive of others regardless of their own situation or what may be going on in their lives, & there are also people who try and knock your down, belittle what you believe in, or what you're trying to do.  I am learning more and more as time goes on to spend my time with/talking to people who will support & respect me & what I want to achieve in life & I will do the same back for them.  The people who can only find negative things to say are most likely unhappy with their own situation, & while it can be easier said than done.. the negative/challenging things don't effect me as much as they have at times in the past,  I know what I want & I'm going after it :)

"I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, & going after your dreams"
- Madonna


  1. Well done!! All the best for the comp! Very inspirational..I did a couple of wee comps 10 years ago..and would like to give it one more go in Sept in Dunedin..am in 35yr up bracket now..but feel more enthused than I did when younger. I will be reading your articles on Go Figure and keeping motivated by your photos etc.And you are so right about the negative comments..not worth the time to listen! Go for it!!

  2. WTG Nuria, I love your positivity towards the negativity that is being tossed your way. This is my BIGGEST hurdle to get over. Looking forward to following your next few weeks. Got get 'em!